capturedcreations: Your bday is a day before mine. TURN UP!!!!! Lol

Aries > everyone else.

kyujib: You're a super beautiful and attractive woman. I hope, once I'm out of my art block, that I can draw something to give to you :c

Thank you! & when you do, hopefully you can mail it to me so I can hang it up on my wall.

kingjjason: your absolutely gorgeous 😍💎💍🙌

I appreciate the compliment, thank you.

theresaax33: You are seriously so beautiful, I think I'm in love haha!

Thank you love, you’re so sweet.

xo-telly: ur so cute and tinyyyy agggh

Thanks baby love 💗

kennykischievouskendricks: I think your too spoiled, you need to be spanked for your naughtiness.

I think you’re an idiot & you should never message me again 😄

rylty: you're the best you know that + gorgeous & a personality of gold // 🌹

Thank you! I really do appreciate that. Much love to you. 💗

zeauxlouizianalaureate: Interesting. How do you like the modeling scene in Orlando as opposed to Miami? I've spent time in both cities and everyone is just in love with the 305.

I love Miami better. More creative people. More opportunities. More people to work with.

cracccobain: Alex when will you be coming down to Miami?

Not sure yet.

bomb-dick-senpai: Was there anything you ever thought of doing before you decided modeling would be your thing?

Acting or singing.

onmyfvce: What kind of lashes are those you have on in the selfie you just posted? You're gorgeous btw

Thank you, & honestly. I do not know.

You a star in my eyes.
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discipleofplato: You are just wow =D

Thank you!