I don’t know what’s more sad, keeping certain shit to yourself because you’d just be judged or you’re afraid to lose someone…..or keeping shit to yourself because it’s pointless to speak up, you won’t be heard.

It’s so scary to look back at people we allowed into our lives, our personal space…Ect and to look and say “Wow, if only I would have known.” It’s so scary to even THINK that we can possibly fall in love with someone who will abuse us (mentally, physically, emotionally) who would put us in some kind of harm. It’s so scary to think that even our loyalty, our love, our trust, our time isn’t good enough. It’s scary that I’m thinking “I’d never be in an abusive relationship” but I’m sure everyone who’s in/was in one said the same thing. It’s scary to think you don’t always know who you’re falling in love with, what they’re capable of really doing…….it’s just really scary. You don’t really wanna hold out on someone who makes you happy because they might hurt you, but at the same time…you don’t really know what they’re gonna do. Not knowing the unknown is so scary to me.

Regardless of anything….physically, emotionally, mentally hurting someone is NEVER okay. Whether you’re a man, or a woman. Whatever the case may be, it is never okay!

I trip because I care, the moment I stop trippin…should just tell you everything.

nvstytrav: You be slabbin without that makeup tho ma.

I really appreciate that.

vickrock: You're so dope. 😍👌

I appreciate that love.

neguswemadeit: Whats on your mind?


incognegro11: I'm really a fan of yours...you're really gorgeous

thank you, I really appreciate that 💗

amotherfuckingmess: Where did you get your waist beads in that one pic?

I forgot the company’s name, they sent it to me months ago.

i-put-that-pussy-on-the-chainwax: must say you got a amazing blog, and a bangin bod especially those thighs uggh :$

lol thank you sir 💗

orgasmicdisorder: Your beautiful 🙊💟

Thank you! 💗💗💗

People never guess my nationality correct, they always think I’m “exotic”…..nah, I’m dominican. 💙❤️
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I’m an artist, I’m sensitive about my shit. #thecutlife #naturallyshesdope